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About Us

House Wash 365 was founded in 2014 by local Maryland entrepreneurs with a love for washing. We started out soft washing houses because we found a technique that got better results than what was already being offered.

We quickly began to see the benefits of this new process and decided to expand our services, which now include all of Delmarva and even some locations over the bridge. The Eastern Shore now has one truly unbeatable wash service thanks to the formula we’ve created to deliver spectacular results every time!

Our Services


House Washing

House Wash 365 respects your time. So we develop tailored cleaning bundles. We may change your schedule to suit your needs. We exist to make your life easier and less stressful.


Roof Cleaning

It is part of regular house and roof maintenance. Keep your roof clean by hiring a roof cleaning service. Let House Wash 365 cleans roofs.

Gutter Brightening

To complete the WOW impression, gutter lighting is popular. Gutter brightening removes the black oxidation coating and/or striping from gutters.


Concrete Cleaning

Bacteria, mildew, and algae adore it. Concrete may age. It detracts from your curb appeal. Beautiful, valuable, and safe for your house. Call House Wash 365 now.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens require special attention. Vacuuming and cleaning kitchen equipment is important. Nothing sticks to it. House Wash 365 takes care of it.

Hot/Cold Pressure Washing

House Wash 365 may choose hot or cold water by boiling the boiler. The same goes for greasy or mildewed concrete. Coldwater cleans concrete. Clean decks and siding with mild detergent.


Residential & Commercial

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